Nationwide, Around £31,000 upon completion of training

  • Salary: Around £31,000 upon completion of training​.

    Your Army needs leaders

    Be the one others turn to. Be responsible. Be trusted with the safety of the nation. Become a British Army Officer, and you’ll be doing something that really matters. Leading a team. Making a difference to the world.

    Your Army needs you

    You don’t need a degree for many Officer roles, and specific entry requirements vary from role to role. What we look for in our Officer Cadets is leadership potential, a sense of purpose and the drive to do great things. With these qualities in place, we can give you the training you need to take your skills and abilities and shape them into something amazing, whether you’re fresh out of school, are professionally qualified or already building a career.

    From the moment you join the Army, you’ll be set on a clear path for promotion and progression, receiving all the support and opportunities you need to rise through our ranks and realise your potential.

    Become a British Army Officer and you’ll receive:

    -         A starting salary of around £26,500 and rising to £31,800 upon completion of one year’s training

    -         Subsidised accommodation and facilities, increasing your disposable income

    -         Free medical and dental health cover

    -         Opportunities to continually progress your career

    -         Sponsorship to study for valuable civilian-recognised qualifications

    -         Adventurous Training, and the chance to play your favourite sports or take up a new one

    Find where you belong

    Your Army career starts at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. You’ll learn the skills you need to become an Officer – from weapons handling to outdoor survival – to what it takes to lead your team in a range of hostile situations, anywhere in the world.

    Once you’ve commissioned, you’ll take charge of 30 soldiers. Then, you’ll begin the specialist training you need to be an expert in your chosen field, whether that’s engineering, intelligence gathering, or piloting an Apache helicopter. You’ll also take part in Adventurous Training around the world, from skiing in the Alps to white-water rafting in Colorado. All while you’re earning a starting salary of around £31,800 (after training).

    You’ll also enjoy a fantastic range of benefits that come with Army life, from sports and state-of-the-art training facilities, to earning valuable professional qualifications.

    Funded Degree

    University isn’t for everyone and most Officer roles don’t require a degree. If you’ve got drive, determination and the will to make an impact, there’s a place for you here.

    If you’re still interested in completing a degree, you’ve the opportunity to enrol on a funded BSc Leadership and Strategic Studies at the University of Reading through the Henley Business School. Your 44 weeks at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst will contribute towards a third of your degree, which you can then complete over the next three to six years.

    Your Army needs leaders. Your Army needs you.

    Find where you belong.

    Apply now.

  • We were all born to do great things. To overcome. To empower. To change. This is why we lead. Find where you belong. Apply to become an Army Officer.


    The biggest team you’ll ever join. The most important job you’ll ever do. A place to realise your potential – and make a real difference in the world. From preventing terrorism to providing humanitarian aid to people in need, the British Army is driven to make the world a safer, better place.

    At the heart of everything we do are our Officers, making split-second decisions in critical situations, often in demanding conditions. They command some of the best soldiers in the world, setting a benchmark for success and supporting their team to overcome any challenge.


      Leading from the front. Putting your team first. Doing something that really matters. For everyone that knows they want more from their career than the average nine-to-five can offer, there’s another option; becoming a British Army Officer.

      Our Officers provide the Army with the leadership and direction we need to overcome pressing challenges in the UK and across the globe. There’s no better feeling than earning the trust of their team and empowering them to be the best they can be – and there’s no bigger reward than having the purpose to make the world a safer, better place.


      Always leading from the front, whether on the front line, on land, sea or in the air, in a combat role, in a supporting role or working in a headquarters. There are a number of different Officer roles in the Army and each one plays a vital part in our success, at home and overseas.

      With or without a degree, there’s opportunity for you here: if you’ve the potential, drive and determination, we’ll provide you with all the training you need to lead some of the best soldiers in the world.

      Working with state-of-the-art technology and being set on a path of rewarding career progression right from the moment you join, being part of the British Army gives you the opportunity to work for a dynamic, innovative, supportive employer and enjoy one of the most meaningful jobs in the world.

    • Life in the Army - Jo, Captain

      The Army has been part of my life since I was a kid. I joined the cadets at 12, did the two year course at Welbeck at 16, and then went on to an Army sponsored engineering degree at Aston University. Having the support of the Army while I was at university was brilliant and already having a confirmed place at Sandhurst gave me great job security.

      I really enjoyed my year at Sandhurst. It was great to learn with a platoon of like-minded people. We encouraged and pushed each other - and all got through the hard times together. Although I commissioned three years ago, I still feel like I am learning every day. My experiences to date have taught me understanding and passion are key to getting the best out of the people you work with.