The 5 Most Creative Job Postings of 2018

05 Oct 2010

Creative job postings are a major trend this year

Job adverts are becoming much more creative and engaging as the competition for candidates remains high. This is driven by many factors, like having an aging population; a bigger focus on matching a company’s culture and values with talent; and sustained high employment. All of this increases the prevalence of hard-to-fill vacancies and means that employers are finding more and more creative ways to post their job ads.

Over the past year, we’ve seen much more innovative and engaging job postings come to light. Not only are employers investing in their employer brand, they’re making the most of new technologies to maximise results across their channels – and to explore new ways of reaching potential jobseekers.

Department, role and location-specific content, employee-generated content and remarketing campaigns are just some of the innovative new features we’re seeing in job postings. Here are the 5 most creative job postings of 2018 that take advantage of some of these engaging new features.

My Dentist – innovative employer brand

Impressive growth meant plenty of hiring for MyDentist, and dental professionals are in short supply and high-demand. Their employer brand showcases their commitment to providing a supported and structured career path through learning, development and clinical support.

My Dentist have made the most of their new brand assets in their creative job posting. They’ve used nthuse’s flexible job advertisement platform to showcase their engaging, rich content across their job board advertising, making sure that potential jobseekers have a consistent employer brand experience wherever and whenever they engage with the MyDentist brand.

Screenshot of MyDentist creative job advert

Five Guys – bespoke video content

Five Guys launched in the UK back in 2013, the same week as their US rivals Shake Shack also opened their UK presence. Since then, Five Guys have been expanding at a rate of knots, with over 1500 branches across the globe. With expansion comes recruitment, and Five Guys are ahead of the curve when it comes to bespoke video content.

Each job ad has a video that’s specific to the role and to the location. Their General Manager video follows two managers in their jobs, showing exactly what it takes to be a General Manager and how rewarding it can be. This authentic, engaging and creative job posting approach makes it easy for potential candidates to imagine their future career at Five Guys.

Screenshot of Five Guys creative job advert

Yell – employee-generated video

Continuing with the video theme, Yell have made the most of their employee engagement with their employee-generated video that takes pride of place on their Glassdoor profile. It’s a simple, impactful idea: ask current employees what makes Yell great and video the answers. The result? A clear, authentic and trustworthy video that adds heaps of credibility to Yell’s job postings.

Screenshot of Yell video creative job advert

Haymarket – culture first

We worked closely with Haymarket on the design of their advert for a developer to join their automotive team. The resulting job advert uses a variety of rich content to showcase the Haymarket culture and values.

Haymarket are rightly proud of their collaborative culture and learning opportunities, so they wanted a creative job posting that lead with their culture, rather than the job description. Developers are in high demand, so taking a fresh approach to their job advert helps their role to stand out from the competition.

Screenshot of Haymarket creative job advert

Red Bull – structured design

Despite lots of innovation around content and recruitment marketing channels, the actual structure of a job description in a job advert is still very formulaic. They’re long, wordy and far too often packed with an unrealistic set of “requirements”. Red Bull have changed that. Their job postings are broken down into clear, manageable sections, using different formats, font styles and section colours to help jobseekers navigate the ad and skim read effectively.

Screenshot of Red Bull creative job advert

What do you think of these trends? As we continue into 2020, we're expecting to see more bespoke content being used in innovative ways across job advertising. With the competition for top candidates predicted to remain high, employers will continue to explore more and more creative ways of posting their job adverts.