Top ten innovative career pages

Innovative career pages to inspire and engage

Your company career page is the place to get creative and let your employer brand shine! More than half of candidates seek out an employer’s career page and social media before applying, so you need top make sure that your careers page is an inspiring and authentic representation of who you are and what you’re about. We know what it’s like though, sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration! So, we’ve pulled together our top 10 innovative careers pages to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Ph.Creative: Stand out brand

Ph.Creative is a globally-recognised employer branding agency, so it makes sense that their career page is on point. From the off, there’s no doubt about what drives them: “At Ph.Creative we have a vision that one day everyone will love their job”. Combine this with great video content and their bold, fun brand, and it’s clear that this is a fab place to work.

Thirty Three: Great at a glance

Another global employer branding agency here, and another top-notch career page to boot. Thirty Three’s employees are at the forefront of this page, and thanks to the simple, clear graphic style you instantly understand what it means to work there.

Brandwatch: Own your Glassdoor reviews

One of the things we loved about Brandwatch’s career page is that they completely own their Glassdoor profile and encourage job seekers to research their reviews. Job seekers trust employee feedback three times more than they trust company communications, so take control of your Glassdoor profile, nurture your employee brand and spend some quality time building it up.

Spotify: Focus on what you have in common

Spotify changed the way we listen to music and their careers site unites people based on a shared interest: music. Rather than searching for jobs, Spotify asks you to ‘join the band’, ‘go backstage’ and be a ‘band member’. It’s inspiring and inclusive – plus, it’s super easy to use and search.

Red Bull: Be authentic

It’s all about the first paragraph here: “We don't have videos of smiling employees enjoying free lunches and bean bags in colorfully painted offices. Instead, please judge us by the quality and professionalism of what we produce across our many products and projects.” Red Bull make no apologies for who they are and they’re not afraid to be different. Need I say more?

Netflix: Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Obviously, the Netflix careers site has great video. But what stands out here is their focus on diversity and inclusion. As well as including this in their top-level navigation, Netflix publishes its demographic statistics in clear, understandable charts – a win for transparency and trust.

Adecco Group: Nurturing talent

It’s clear from Adecco Group’s career page that they care about your career. The clean, calm design and natural colour palette show that they’re all about nurturing you and your ambitions.

Mailchimp: Be weird

Anyone who’s ever used Mailchimp will be all too familiar with their sweaty monkey finger animation. In this one animation, they sum up all the pressure and emotion that goes into every email send, as well as showing how creative, in-tune and downright weird the Mailchimp brand is. Their career site is every bit as brilliant – “better, weirder, and more human.” Plus, we love their focus on their home town roots in Atlanta and the inspiring employee stories.

Five Guys: Have some fun!

Five Guys have absolutely nailed the video content on their careers site. The ‘do you have the right stuff?’ messaging is inspired and completely sets them apart in their market. But what really matters here, is that working at Five Guys looks like great fun!


Jenny Handy