Building and posting a Job Board Listing

12 Nov 2019

What is an nthuse Job Board Listing?

A well-written and engaging Job Board Listing can be an effective way to reach new candidates. Research from Madgex, the UK’s top job board provider, shows that 61% of people start their job search on a job board and 40% use them to research employers.

Unlike regular job board ads, nthuse Job Board Listings are enhanced, branded and fully customisable adverts that you can build yourself. They include more engaging content formats, like:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Social links
  • Employee testimonials
  • Awards
  • Interactive maps

Plus, nthuse integrates with a broad range of free and paid job boards. This means that posting your job to multiple job boards is fast, hassle-free and effective.

Regardless of your experience, nthuse gives you the tools to design and distribute stunning, sophisticated Job Board Listings simply and efficiently.

This article will teach you how to build a Job Board Listing in nthuse.

Getting started

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.
  2. Click Create page.

This will take you into the Ad Builder, where you can design your Job Board Listing.

Choosing a job

The Ad Builder will automatically open your most recently imported active job. To change the job:

  1. Click on the job title shown in the purple menu bar.
  2. Choose a job from the list displayed or add a new job. You can also filter by location or search for a job title.
  3. Your Job Board Listing will update to show the new job details.

If you don’t have any active jobs in nthuse, the Ad Builder will open with placeholder text. You’ll need to add and complete a job before you can publish your Job Board Listing.

Choosing a theme

Themes provide the structure, layout and design for your Job Board Listing. Every Job Board Listing in nthuse starts with a theme. To choose a theme:

  1. Browse the theme options available
  2. Click a theme to apply it to your Job Board Listing.

Editing your theme

All nthuse themes are editable, so you can choose to create custom design themes for your company. Each theme is made up of customisable sections to help you create the look and feel you want. From the Edit Theme tab, you can easily:

  • Add new sections
  • Move sections
  • Delete sections
  • Save or make a copy of your new theme
  • Review how the theme will appear on tablets and mobiles designs

Adding, moving and deleting sections on your theme

Adding a new section

To add a new section to your theme:

  1. Click Add section
  2. Choose the section design from the list
  3. Your new section will be added to the bottom of your Job Board Listing.

Moving sections

To rearrange the sections in your Job Board Listing:

  1. In the editing panel, find the section you want to move. Only sections with the dots icon are movable.
  2. Click on the dots at the end of the section
  3. Drag the section to its new position in the edit panel

Deleting sections

  1. In the editing panel, find the section you want to delete. You can only delete certain sections to make sure the theme and advert remain as performant as possible to job seekers.
  2. Click the section title
  3. In the section details, click the ‘Delete section’ link with the dustbin icon.

Saving your theme

When you edit a default nthuse theme, we automatically create a new custom theme for your company and give it a default name. To save changes to your custom theme, just click Save theme. If you don’t want to save over your current custom theme, click Save theme as… to make a copy.

You can update your theme’s name in the editing panel.

Editing sections

Each section has its own individual settings. You can edit these settings to customise the content and design of your Job Board Listing. Click on the section to see the options available.

Editing your job description

Click the Edit Job tab to review the language used in your job description using the Writing Coach.

The Writing Coach will eliminate unconscious bias and boost the readability of your Job Board Listing. It does this by analysing your writing for four key things:

  1. Correctness, spelling and grammar
  2. Clarity, readability and jargon
  3. Biased or non-inclusive language
  4. Structure and format

Type or paste your job title and job description, and the Writing Coach will highlight areas for improvement and give useful suggestions on how to make your job description more engaging and inclusive.

Editing your job details

Before you can move on to preview your Job Board Listing, you’ll need to make sure your job details are complete. Adding accurate job details will improve how your job is indexed by Google and make it easier for jobseekers to find.

Adding a location

  1. In the job details panel, click Edit
  2. If the location is incomplete, click Add new location
  3. Type the location’s street, city/town, county and postcode
  4. Choose the country from the dropdown
  5. Add a label – this is a name for the location that will help you re-use the location in future
  6. You can change how your location will appear to candidates by editing the content of the Show location as field. Type over the pre-filled content to make it as precise or descriptive as you like. For example, ‘Remote working’ or ‘123, Soho St, Soho, London’.

Adding a salary

  1. In the job details panel, click Edit
  2. Select the currency the salary will be paid in
  3. Type the amount paid
  4. Select how regularly the salary is paid
  5. Click Confirm

If you’d like to choose how to display the salary or hide it from your Job Board Listing completely, tick Hide precise salary and type in how you would like to display the salary. For example, type ‘competitive’ or a salary range.

Add contract details

  1. In the job details panel, click Edit
  2. Choose the contract type
  3. Choose the contract hours
  4. Click Confirm

Choose your application method

There are two ways to receive applications from your Job Board Listing: email or ATS.

To receive applications by email, just click By email and enter your email address. Whenever someone applies for the role, you’ll receive an email with the application details and CV attached.

To receive applications through your ATS, click By ATS and enter the URL of your ATS apply page.

Previewing your Job Board Listing

Once you’ve finished designing and editing your page, click Preview.

This is your opportunity to make sure your Job Board Listing looks exactly how you want it to across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

You can also share a preview with the Hiring Manager or any other recruiting stakeholders, so they can view the Job Board Listing without having to have access to nthuse. Your preview won’t be viewable to anyone without the passcode.

To share a preview:

  1. Click Share preview
  2. Click Copy link or highlight and copy the link yourself.
  3. Send the copied link and passcode to your Hiring Manager

Publishing your Job Board Listing

When you’re happy with the look and feel of your Job Board Listing, you’re ready to publish. Click Distribution area to see the available job boards.

To post your ad to a job board:

  1. In the list, click the job board you want to publish your advert on
  2. Click Add to basket
  3. Complete the additional information required. This information helps jobseekers find your job advert easily.
  4. If this is the first time you have advertised on the job board with nthuse, you’ll be redirected to the job board’s recruiter services site to sign in or create an account. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be redirected back to nthuse.
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Checkout
  7. Make sure your order is correct and click Pay now
  8. If this you’re on a free plan and this is your first Job Board Listing, you’ll need to enter your VAT invoice address.
  9. Enter your card payment details
  10. Click Pay now

Your Job Board Listing will be sent to the job board for approval. While this is happening, the job board will say Awaiting approval. Approval can be instant but varies depending on the job board.

We’ll email you when your Job Board Listing is live and the status will change from Awaiting approval to Published. It will also show the number of days left until the advert expires.

If your advert hasn’t gone live within 24 hours, contact the job board and they will be able to help.

To view your live advert:

  1. From the Distribution Area, click the three dots on the job board icon
  2. Click View advert

Congrats on posting your Job Board Listing! Here are a few useful articles that will help you get the best results from your advert.

  • Distribute your job advert to free aggregators as well as paid job boards
  • Create a social media campaign to spread the word
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