Distributing your ad to a standalone webpage

There are three ways of distributing your job ad on nthuse:

  1. Using the multiposter feature to post your ad on the UK’s top job boards
  2. Using the multiposter feature to post your ad on free social channels and aggregators
  3. Getting an nthuse link to your advert for you to distribute in your digital campaigns

This article covers getting an nthuse link to your advert for you to distribute in your own digital campaigns.

Through nthuse, you can get a trackable URL link to your job advert to use in your own digital marketing campaigns for just £50.

  • Send the link out in email campaigns to potential candidates
  • Direct your social media campaigns to your enhanced advert
  • Use your ad as a landing page for PPC campaigns

How to get your nthuse link to your standalone webpage

First of all, you need to create a job advert. More information on how to do this can be found here. Once you’re happy with your job advert, click Publish.

To get your nthuse link, just click Checkout.

You’ll be prompted to review your order. Once you’re happy, click Pay Now.

If this is your first nthuse purchase, then you’ll need to enter a VAT invoice address. You only need to do this the first time you check out. Click Continue.

Enter your payment details and click Pay Now.

Going live

Once you’ve paid for your link, you’ll be redirected to the distribution page. Here, you’ll get your unique link for your advert, a status update and the expiry date.

It can sometimes take a few minutes for your advert to go live. Don’t worry about this, it’s completely normal. Keep checking back, and if it isn’t live within half an hour, then get in touch with us here.

Setting up trackable links

If you want to be able to track your advert’s performance down to a campaign level, then you’ll need to set up trackable links for these campaigns.

To do this, navigate to Jobs. Hover over the job you want to set up tracking links for, and click Manage Ad.

Click on the Tracking tab. This is where you can create tracking ID for your campaigns.

Give your campaign a unique name, then specify the medium. For example: ‘July newsletter’ as the campaign name and ‘Email’ as the medium; or ‘July boosted post – Twitter’ and ‘Social’.

Click Create Tracking to generate your trackable links. These will show in the table below.

Using your trackable links

Use your trackable links for all your direct marketing campaigns. This will allow you to accurately track the results back into the nthuse platform and compare results across channels.

You’ll be able to see how this campaign performed against other email campaigns or how email campaigns in general are performing against social media campaigns.


Jenny Handy