How do Job Board Listings display on a job board?

12 Nov 2019

Unlike regular job board ads, nthuse Job Board Listings are enhanced, branded and fully customisable adverts that you can build yourself. They include more engaging content formats, like:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Social links
  • Employee testimonials
  • Awards
  • Interactive maps

Our integrations with our partner job boards means that your nthuse Job Board Listings will display perfectly every time. Here’s what to expect.

Job Details Page

Your paid Job Board Listing will appear in the job board exactly as you designed it. Your design will sit between the job board’s header and footer and occupy the width of the site.

Image showing an nthuse job advert in multiple job boards

Job Board Search Results

Your paid Job Board Listing will usually show in job board search results as a premium listing. This means it will be differentiated from the rest of the job adverts in colour and position. Exactly how it’s differentiated in the search results will vary depending on the job board.

Free job boards and aggregators

You can also post your nthuse job to a number of free job boards and aggregators. Jobs posted to these boards will be text only – they don’t currently have the capability to host our enhanced job formats, but you’ll still get the benefit of inclusive, engaging advert text thanks to our Writing Coach.

If you want to give your jobs an extra boost, why not build a high-converting candidate lead page and on-brand social posts to really see the applications roll in? Here’s how:

  • Designing your candidate lead page
  • Tracking your results