Importing fonts

Like all other brand assets, there are two ways to upload your fonts. You can either run the Wizard and pull them in directly from your website, or you can import them manually.

The best import method will depend on the type of font you’re using.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a directory of fonts – it’s a completely free and easy way to implement a wide variety of fonts on a website. If your website uses Google Fonts, then running the Wizard will automatically import them into nthuse, so you won't need to manually upload these. But, if you do want to add any other fonts specifically, then you can do this.

Just navigate to Fonts, click Add New Font and then choose Select From Google Fonts. You can then browse the Google Fonts directory and pick the font you need.

You will then need to select the font weights you want to import and specify a back-up font. This means that if, for whatever reason, your Google Font is unavailable, your nthuse ad will default to the font specified here. Take care when typing this in! You'll need to spell it correctly for it to work.

Adobe Typekit

Typekit is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software and allows developers to buy non-standard fonts. Running the Wizard won’t pull in Typekit fonts, so you will need to upload them manually.

To do this, navigate to Fonts and click Add New Font. Then select Add from Typekit.

You may need to speak to your design or developer teams at this point.

Before you can use Typekit fonts on nthuse, you will need to add to your Typekit domain list. You will also need to add any of the distribution channels (like job boards or social media channels) that you want to distribute your ad to. Otherwise, your fonts won’t show correctly when you post your ad.

Once you’ve done this, simply add your Typekit ID into nthuse and click Set.

Upload Font File

If you have specific fonts saved on your computer, you can upload these simply and easily. You might need to use this if you have custom brand fonts or special fonts that aren’t used on your website.

To do this, navigate to Fonts and click Add New Font. Then select Upload font file.

Click Select Font File and browse your computer to find the file you need.

Then click Upload font.


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