User permissions

User Permissions

You can add as many users as you want to your nthuse account. There are three permission levels available:

  1. Design users can create templates and manage brand assets and content. They can’t create or post any job adverts.
  2. Standard users can create templates, manage brand assets and content, create and post job adverts and manage live ads. They can’t add new users or remove users.
  3. Admin users have all of the permissions of a standard user, plus user management.

Adding and removing users

If you have admin permissions, you can manage your company’s users in your Company Settings page under the Users tab.

To add a new user, click Add New User, enter the user’s email address and specify the permission level you would like to give them. Remember that giving them admin access will give them exactly the same permissions as you.

Click Send Invite. Your new users will receive an email invite asking them to join your company on nthuse.

You can remove users or amend their admin rights at any time.


Jenny Handy