How it works

Ads that look impressive but are super easy to create. Published straight to where jobseekers search.

No need for a designer or developer. You don’t even need to upload your assets. And you no longer have to visit lots of jobsites - see everyone’s prices together and pay for it all in one place.

Set up in seconds – for free!

Create your free account in a matter of moments. Fill in your company URL and we’ll collect your brand materials straight from your website.

Your account will be ready for action, populated with your brand colours, fonts, logos and images – all within seconds.

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Four simple steps to better ads.

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Build your template

Make your own or choose from our pre-designed templates

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Create your advert

Simply add your job details to create your enhanced ad

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Send it out

Publish straight to the UK’s top job boards

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Watch it perform

Easily track and compare your results across channels


Build your template

Point and click your way to great-looking job ads with our simple template builder. Create your own template from scratch or make life even easier and choose from one of our readymade, customisable templates.

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Now you have a template for your job ad!
Create different templates for different departments, different brands, different levels – create as many as you want, or just one really great one.


Create your job advert

Simply select your template and add in your job details - easy as that.

All automatically search engine optimised and Google-ready. All nthuse ads are automatically integrated with Google for Jobs.

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Send it out to the world

No more trawling around multiple jobsites. Choose where you want to advertise and check out, all in one place.

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Post to the UK’s top job boards
Easily select from the leading specialist and general job boards, plus major social channels.

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Publish to a stand-alone webpage
Distribute your ad yourself with a unique, trackable link.

For true flexibility, your branded advert is published to a stand-alone webpage with a unique, trackable URL.

Boost your outbound sourcing and direct people to a job ad with the wow factor.

Get proactive and direct your email campaigns, social media and other promotional activity to your new, fully-responsive job advert.

For maximum visibility, your ad will appear in Google’s brand-new job search feature as standard thanks to our in-built integration.

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Publish your brilliant new advert where you know jobseekers are searching

Ditch the desk research and take your pick from over 100 of the UK’s top job boards. Filter specialist and general jobsites by industry and quickly see which ones are right for you.

Choose as many channels as you want and check out in three clicks. Your ad will publish straight from nthuse into your selected job boards and display exactly as you designed it, each and every time.

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Only pay to publish

Explore, build and create for free. No set-fees or subscription packages. Just great job ads straight to where you want them.


Watch it perform

See all your nthuse advertising results in one place.

Quickly show anyone, at any point, what’s happening with your recruitment.

Generate a ready-made pdf report in seconds, or export to a spreadsheet (if you’re that way inclined).

See views and applications overall, by job, and even compare each media channel.

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