we’re levelling the playing field

We make simple, effective, recruiter-driven tools that make hiring the right people easier for everyone.

Loads of our features are free, with upgrades and subscriptions if you want an extra boost. There’s no contract, no complicated set up and no lengthy onboarding. We deliberately create open integrations so that you’re free to mix and match the tech that works for you.

So if you don’t have an unlimited budget, but want to start doing things differently, nthuse is here to help make your journey to proactive recruitment marketing easy.

Let your values shine

Our founders, Glenn Jones and Dan Meadows, have been working in recruitment tech for the past twenty years. They started nthuse in 2018 as a way for employers to improve their job board advertising performance.

nthuse started off life as a simple template editor that would let recruiters design their own employer branded job ads and distribute these ads into a network of job boards.

Creative job adverts are still a core part of nthuse, but now there are more distribution channels than ever, with social recruiting, display advertising and custom landing pages built in.

We continue to develop new features, all designed to help busy in-house recruiters hire the right people efficiently in our tough recruitment market.