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This is how to write a job advert

Let your values shine

Take the guesswork out of writing your job ads. nthuse uses machine learning and natural language processing to help you write effective, inclusive job adverts.

Attract more qualified and diverse candidates Wave goodbye to unconscious bias. Our Writing Coach is trained on real-life job adverts to reveal hidden gender bias and eliminate non-inclusive and insensitive language.
Grow your candidate pool nthuse will revamp your candidate attraction strategy from the very top, by changing the way you speak to jobseekers. Being mindful with your vocabulary and your writing style will open your roles up to applications from more diverse, more qualified candidates.
Write better job descriptions Improve readability and use language that’s proven to make a good impression with jobseekers. We’ll help you – and your hiring managers - write for clarity, readability and engagement by ditching the jargon and embracing good old plain English.
Save time and stamp out errors Get your very own, lightning-quick proofreader. Spot and correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and confusing sentence structures in an instant. You’ll never be caught out by an embarrassing typo again.

driven by data

Our Writing Coach is powered by millions of real-life job adverts from multiple sectors and industries across the globe. We use natural language processing to understand how language is used in job advertising and turn this into intelligent, reliable rules that help you write better job ads. Simple.

You’re 33% more likely to outperform your competition with a diverse team McKinsey & Co, 2018

See how you score

Compare your adverts to the rest of the market and get the edge on your competition. Our job advert score cards will show you exactly where you stand in key performance areas.

1 Correctness Flawless job descriptions every time. Spot and correct spelling and grammar slip-ups before they end up all over the internet. Simple as that.
2 Inclusivity Language that speaks to everyone. We’ll red-pencil gendered words, phrases and job titles to help you write intentionally and inclusively.
3 Structure A format that works every time. Get invaluable feedback on your job advert’s structure, format and length. We’ll provide useful tips on using bullet points, writing concisely and keeping a jobseeker’s attention.
4 Clarity Clear, engaging, jargon-free ads. Learn how your writing choices are affecting readability. We’ll analyse your sentence structure, vocabulary and voice to improve accessibility, read time and engagement.